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Our Story

This company was started as a passion project, and that shines through in our products. We aren’t driven by the bottom line dollars & cents, we’re fans ourselves and we actually care for our end consumer

We want you to take your first sip of our whey, or your first scoop of our preworkout and be blown away thinking that these products seriously are, befitting of a champion.

Don’t just be ordinary, be Flextraordinary! Don’t just be normal, be a Champion!

FlexTech, Choice of Champions!

Bring The Fury!


For too long the consumer has been left in the dark, from sketchy quality control to ineffective & unimportant products… but we’re here to change things up. Whether you’re a professional athlete, a soccer mom, or just looking for some better bicep peaks… we’re here to give you the best possible products to help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.